Grateful Travel: A Mother and Daughter Bond

Not all of us are so lucky as to have parents by our side throughout our lives. Some of us have a deadbeat parent, some have tragically lost one, some were abandoned, some of us have chosen for one reason or another not to be in our parent’s life. I am reminded daily by people of a variety of backgrounds and social acquaintance just how lucky I am. I may not have come from the quote unquote “ideally perfect” home, but I am not really sure what I would consider ideal anyways. I owe everything to my mom and her dedication to raising me. She is not perfect, no mother is, and she definitely drives me crazy at times but I recognize that she is my rock and I wouldn’t be in the situation I stand in today without learning from her strength and independence.

Every year I take an annual trip with my mom. I have been doing it since I graduated high school and we try to rotate traveling in the states and abroad every other year. So many people sound surprised each year when I tell them who I am going on vacation with; however, the answer to them is simple….why not?Why wouldn't I?

Life isn’t necessarily short but it does go by quickly. I live my life in experiences and if I am not learning or enjoying things in life then I change my surroundings quickly. Traveling with my mom each year blesses me with memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. That makes me a lucky person. Whether it is a day, weekend, 2 weeks or a month, no one can take those moments away from me. As I get older, I look back and see everything that my mom has done and sacrificed for me through the years and I know that not everybody has that in their life. I love the fact that now I am an adult, I can treat her to trips or at least help pay for part of them. She grew up in such a different era and has a different view point on the world. By traveling with her, I give her opportunities that she would not necessarily have, I help her take risks she would not necessarily take, and she in return helps me collect memories instead of materialistic things and see these experiences through a more world perspective by understanding how she views each step we take.Our footprints become our bond.

Traveling yearly with my mom is something that I will always be able to carry with me and for the life of me, I don’t understand people who wouldn’t take advantage of the same opportunity. Ok Ok I am sure you can make the point that it’s so easy for me to find the time to travel with my mom since I am single and don’t have kids but I would like to make it very clear that I would do this regardless of my relationship and life status. She gave so much for me that I will always make it a priority to give her what she needs later in her life.

Through travel, my mom has become one of my best friends. We have had the opportunity to truly know one another and have conversations that I don’t even have with some of my closest friends. I have learned so much and love seeing her happy. They say that “life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” However, may be there is a slight cheat to this rule. I may not fully understand things until being able to look back at them, but maybe by being open and close to someone who is currently looking back and understanding their life, I can walk forward in a different shade of light and knowledge (I think some call that growth but I also like to think of that as wisdom).

Everyone that can, should dedicate some time for travel or annual time away with a parent, it is good for the soul and you never know when the time will come and it will be gone. Remember, time may not always be shortened, but it is guaranteed to keep moving. Never regret letting it slip by.

So...I ask YOU. Why not?


A Grateful Child's Soul

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