“My perspective. You may not agree…and that’s ok.”

From plank alterations to mountain climbers to recovery work and stretching, the Gaiam Self-Guided Restore product line has it all and truly hits it out of the creativity park!

One of the #1 things I hears from my blog subscribers and IG followers is  that they don’t know what exercises are the right workouts for them to make the most out of their short window of time in a day. We all have so much running through our minds on a...

I personally hate New Year’s resolutions. I don’t really believe in them. Resolutions are an overated grand plan for that year that almost always sets you up for failure and disappointment. So why would you do that to yourself?? I might as well also swim through alligator infested waters and hope to make it through while losing only minimal body parts.

I mean, let’s be realistic. If I start the year by saying that I am cutting...

NYC. Perfect weather. Beautiful views.  I Heart Media. Health and wellness. Oh, and ME! Completely typical Thursday right?

On 6/15 I was honored to take part as a fitness expert at the I Heart Media headquarters and theater in Tribeca, New York (which if you haven’t checked out this area of the city…please do, it’s kinda awesome).   I Heart Media launched a new initiative with I Heart Me Day and offered health and wellness clas...

Om. Yogi. Acro yoga. Savasana. Namaste.

All of these are terms that I never use in my daily fitness life. However, after attending the Gaiam & Lord and Taylor Health & Wellness event in NYC, I might! I have always admired and respected the art of yoga and I have dabbled in a few classes of vinyasa here and there but I had never considered making it a regular part of my routine until I was social media host for the event! I met...

Power. Powerful. Empower. So many thoughts come to mind when I hear these words. They make me feel strong, invincible, aspirational and authoritative. I believe with fitness goals, all of those embody the mindset that we need to have to achieve overall success.

30 minutes . That’s all it takes…not a minute more, not a minute less. Ha, yes I could be taking about a number of things! However in this case, I am talking about forme...

He is motivated, passionate, caring, and confident in a stern but soft spoken kind of way…oh yeah…and he is kinda handsome. He is former MLS player, Michael Chabala.

When I first met Mike, I didn’t know what to expect (I mean, after all, just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it is true right? Yes, I realize you are reading this now…on the internet). However, upon meeting him, I was pleasantly surprised that his...

You don't need a gym to be healthy and active. You can do this gem of a leg workout in between commercials of your fave tv show. 

1) Standard Squats x 20 
2) Froggy Squats x 15-20 (don't get discouraged on these... they burn!)
3) Alternating Leg Back Lunges x 20 total (10 each leg) 
4) Repeat 3-5 times

August 22, 2016

Hey! Listen up....eating healthy on the road is NOT as hard as you are making it! 

While logging road and airline miles (which for me is a lot), it is so easy to stop along the way and grab what seems to be the easiest thing possible to satisfy hunger on the go. However, what seems to be easy and simple isn’t always what is best. There are so many healthy options that we just don’t even think about so I thought I would share my...

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