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Cellulite: It Sucks but It's Real

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Fun fact. I, like many, have cellulite. Shocker…I know.

There is nothing I necessarily did wrong in life, it is just a thing that I have. Mine is mainly on the backs of my legs (or at least that is where I notice it the most) but it is in other places too. The funny thing about cellulite is that it can change its appearance depending on how you stand or position yourself. In most of my bathing suit and fitness photos, people have no clue how insecure it makes me. I strategically work to angle my body in a flattering way to mask a bit of it but I still know it is there and could appear within even the slightest change.

Due to different distributions of fat, muscle and connective tissue; women tend to be more prone to cellulite (as if wearing a bathing suit wasn’t hard enough!). Women’s connective tissues and fat cells are structured vertically; whereas a male’s tissue is in a crisscrossed pattern that reduces skin dimpling since there is more support for the skin. The struggle is real with the beauty environment and stigma that surrounds women daily so knowing that we are naturally more predisposed to develop something that many consider a sign of being overweight, doesn’t help the cause. The truth is, whether you are obese, thin, athletic, have a healthy diet, don’t have a healthy diet, young, old, Latin, Caucasian, etc.; you still can notice the dimpling effects of cellulite.

However, living an overall healthy lifestyle definitely has its benefits. Staying away from smoking and staying on top of your nutrition is said to aid in the fight against developing cellulite but cellulite is not a toxin so this actually breaks down to MANY other variants. If you eat a lot of carbs and sugars and do not provide your body with PROPER nutrients then weight gain is likely and with weight gain, cellulite can appear more prevalent. Remember though, that anyone of any size or shape can see the effects of cellulite. I could go on by giving a list of many “miracle cures” that claim to be a fix all; but in reality, there is no “genie in a bottle” remedy. There are many things that you can do to stay healthy and try to reduce the effects; however, once it is there and showing, you may have to seek additional treatment to aid in improving its appearance.

With all that being said, I would like to open your world to CryoSkin! My new and wonderful friends at Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul have introduced me to a whole new world that I didn’t even know existed.

The results, coupled with their level of hospitality and cleanliness, has me hooked.

CryoSkin is a non-invasive fat loss technology that eliminates fat cells through processes of cold and hot to aid in shape the body you desire. There are so many options of treatment from lasers, to ultraviolet therapy to acoustic wave therapy to rubbing coffee grinds on your behind but CryoSkin is my new secret weapon and love of life! By using cold and heat technology, CryoSkin is simply a wand that massages your trouble spot areas for about 30 min (depending on procedure and size of area). With cellulite treatment, it starts off cold (think sub zero) and then the last 10 min is a warm therapy to circulate the area. That’s it. Simple. Easy. Done. For me, I opted to try this out on the back of my legs first so my entire treatment took about an hour. I was SUPER SKEPTICAL at first… I never ever subscribe to miracle diets, pills and fixes when it comes to anything health or beauty related, but wow….I was in for a big surprise! My overall results absolutely shocked me...

To read about my CryoSkin experience at Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul, click here.

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