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CryoSkin: Freezing My Fat & Cellulite Away

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Call it being vain if you want to, but we all have things that we are a bit insecure about no matter how healthy or fit general society might perceive us to be. In launching the new health section of my blog, I discovered a new secret weapon right here in Houston from my new friends at Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul! CryoSkin is a non-invasive fat reduction technology that uses cold and hot techniques to help the body rid itself of fat cells through the lymphatic system. This was mainly designed for generally healthy people who just need a little extra help losing stubborn fat or cellulite.

Before I get into my overall experience with CryoSkin, there are some things that I think everyone should know before you go:

  • · CryoSkin is not a cure all for an unhealthy lifestyle. This is to be used to aid in losing stubborn fat pocket areas. If you are not eating right or at least attempting to stay semi active then this process may not be for you.

  • · CryoSkin offers a variety of treatments. Cellulite Treatment, Toning, Slimming, Face Lift, Anti Aging and so much more! Some people are a little sensitive to the cold but I thought it felt great! My only note would be that when I did my chin, I did get a small headache since you have a lot of nerve endings around your jaw line. Totally worth it!

  • · Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul will tell you prior to treatment if they think that CryoSkin would be a good fir for you. They are honest and fair about results and do not want to rob you of your money if you are not a good fit.

  • · Your process may take a few treatments to get the results you desire. My legs took a total of 3 for the back and I will probably do a few more on the fronts and sides. With my chin, I have done 1 treatment and I plan on doing 1 or 2 more depending on the results after my second treatment. Don’t get me wrong, my first treatment results on my chin were AMAZING….I’m just seeking a desired look but to each their own : )

  • · Results can be instant but everybody’s body is different. It still might take a few days for your body to respond and it will keep processing the fat cells over time. Ultimately, your body could continue losing fat cells through the lymphatic system for a couple of months after your treatment. This is why it is important to space your appointments 1-2 weeks apart.

  • · It is important to remember not to have sugar for minimum 2 hours after your appointment since your lymphatic system is processing sugars and fat cells. I try to also limit sugar intake prior to my procedure as well.

  • · CryoSkin vs. CoolSculpting? I won’t go into full detail now about the differences; however I have tried both first-hand. I discovered that they both work in their own way. Cool Scultping is more expensive and works well mainly if you have a large section of fat that is giving you trouble. For the price, you want to make sure that you will be able to use the large applicator. It is more of a spot fat reduction with delayed results, but it works. CryoSkin tends to yield more immediate results and is a fraction of the cost. It would take several sessions to a large fat celled area to see a reduction.

Now… onto the good stuff! My experience and results : )

I went in for my first treatment aware of my insecurities and knowing that even if it was a little improvement, I would take it; however when I went to Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit for my CryoSkin, the technician Christopher Davis told me that this first session would actually initially loosen up the fat cells (aka…it might look worse for a couple of days). I proceeded with the appointment anyways and after breezing through the hour on the table (it actually felt great after a heavy leg day), I stood up to take my progress photo. In full honesty, I saw it and I wanted to cry. I questioned how bad my cellulite was to start with and if this would even work on me. The first treatment true to word DID loosen up everything and it fully messed with my mind a bit!

As I left my appointment, I reminded myself that it would get better after a couple of days… and thank god it did. A couple of days later, I woke up and could see some results…nothing crazy but could tell the difference. With Cryoskin, they recommend you wait about a week between large body sessions, so I made my second appointment for the first break in my schedule (which ended up being about 10 days after my first appointment). Below, the image on the left me prior to any CryoSkin treatment, the center is DIRECTLY AFTER my first treatment where it loosened my cellulite and the image on the right is me prior to my second treatment.

That following week, I went to my second appointment where I had already seen growing improvement since the first session so I was pretty excited. We did a second cellulite treatment and this time, I could actually see some immediate improvement. By session 3, my CryoSkin Toning session had arrived….yes ….I said it…TONING. This procedure is done with the same CryoSkin wand but starts off warm and then cools. After an hour, I stood up to get my “after” photo and I had tears of joy! I fully expected to have to wait a couple of days but the results were undeniable in the photo. My skin was smoothed out, my butt looked lifted, my skin truly looked firmer AND it had a healthy glow. Full shock and disbelief at the immediate difference and with knowing that in a few days, the results would be even better.

Going to Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul has truly made a difference in my self-esteem. They opened my world up to CryoSkin and for that I am forever thankful! I am also in the process of taking care of a hereditary double chin so you will be seeing my posts as a regular and a full believer in this process. My chin results were INSTANT after a 10 min treatment.

Still in shock? Disbelief? Me too but here is a reminder of my full results on my legs just in case you need some extra motivation to try it for yourself :)

Christopher Davis and everyone I have met at Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul has been so welcoming and professional. Their realism and honesty about all of their procedures is truly refreshing in a beauty industry that seems to be too often after the mighty dollar as opposed to the best interest of the client. In a world full of fake, they keep it real and that will keep me coming back for more.

Make your appointment today with my friends at Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul today and make sure you tell them I sent you for my special friends and family discount : )


Keeping It REAL Cool

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