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R&R's Miracle Wonder: Oxygen Therapy

Spring has sprung and summer rays are starting to appear. As we go to wipe the winter slumber from our eyes, we realize that our hibernation has left us lagging and dragging and we are in serious need of an energy boost. There are so many options out there claiming to energize you and get you moving on a daily basis, but so many of those are met with hard crashes from the “high” and you end up taking a day just to feel like you “caught” up on your sleep.

After much thought and avoidance of that dreaded crash, I was desperate to seek other options. What I found was something unexpected yet makes all the sense in the world. You ready for this? Oxygen! What better option could there be than to use oxygen to rejuvenate the body and help someone feel awake and refreshed. Oxygen therapy is becoming more and more popular as it is known to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and boost the immu