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ALCS: An Open Letter To Astros Fans

An Open Letter to All My Fellow Astros Fans,

*Disclaimer: Bandwagon fans may not understand most of this but you are still welcome to read and I appreciate you filling the stadium with your wide eyed enthusiasm only to leave early in the playoffs when your team is down by 2. ::she says sarcastically::

It’s another game day in Houston, TX. Game 5 of the ALCS against the historic Boston Red Sox to be exact.

I woke up with a heavy heart. Even as someone who watched my team comeback from amazing almost defeats last year in the post season and throughout this season, last night was a very large and intrusively tough pill to swallow. I would actually rather ingest liquid for a colonoscopy than live through that again. It sucked. Last year everything just felt like magic was in the air and like we had the Midas touch. This year is an uphill battle that currently Houston is sitting on the wrong side of.

When I woke up, I wanted to be angry with another shit call from Joe West. I mean, what do you do when many players of past and present don’t even like the guy and have gone on record calling him “lazy asshole” and constantly on a ‘power trip’ (article on that to come soon)???

HOWEVER, I really woke up from last night’s soul crushing numbness to be angry at my own team. A true baseball fan knows that no the call didn’t help us, but that’s not the reason why we are upside down in this series or lost that game last night. That doesn’t excuse overall performance.

This series involves the 2 best teams in the AL and that is something to be proud of. No matter what, it should be a battle in moments like this. However, I have to admit, we look like the very green 2015 Astros against KC in the post season with little league errors left and right (::cough, cough:: Games 2 & 4 and beyond piss pour management decisions in game 3).

Houston sports has always played with a chip on its shoulder. We have always been known as “Clutch City” for being able to come from behind. We never have done well when people give us any national positivity or spotlight. This city needs to wake up from a Joe West botched call and realize that this situation is so much worse because we have done it to ourselves. As someone who has followed the Red Sox organization for years (since the days of my love for Josh Beckett), I walked into this series knowing that it would be a battle but also knowing that my team could 100% win in 5 games. Instead I have watched my team self-destruct, player by player and with too many 2 strike or 2 out situations to count! Right now we have no one to blame but ourselves for this hole we are in. Throwing errors, fielding errors, hanging pitches over the plate, curve balls breaking too hard into the dirt, horrible management decisions, leaving the bat on our shoulder while pinch hitting with 2 outs and 2 runners in scoring position…oh and can’t forget trolling opposing pitchers on social media….the list goes on and on. I love my team but this series is a wake-up call that if you don’t have your act together on one of the most prominent stages then you will get eaten alive by not only your opposition but fans, and critics alike.

With all this being said, I need Astros fans to stop crying over spilled milk. I know both teams very well and if the Astros can pull their heads out of their butts long enough, they could still push this series to a decisive game 7 where all bets are off. After all, that't what the true baseball fan in me wants to see.


Astros & Baseball Loyal To A Fault

Side note: in case you can’t tell, I am still bit salty about it all but #inJVwetrust

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