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Forever In'SPHERE'd

He is motivated, passionate, caring, and confident in a stern but soft spoken kind of way…oh yeah…and he is kinda handsome. He is former MLS player, Michael Chabala.

When I first met Mike, I didn’t know what to expect (I mean, after all, just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it is true right? Yes, I realize you are reading this now…on the internet). However, upon meeting him, I was pleasantly surprised that his reputation actually does not do him any justice, he is much better in person than anything you could read. After several years of playing Major League Soccer, Mike found himself in a transitional period that most athletes eventually run into. Athletes of all backgrounds spend years putting everything they have into a craft that nobody is capable of sustaining for a lifetime, only to find themselves almost starting life anew when it comes to an end. The real question is; how many athletes take advantage of the gifted social platform that they have been given? Through the power of social media, the internet and TV; athletes have an ability to reach more people than they ever have before. They have a real power to be able to stand up and do something and make a change in people’s lives. I wish more of them would have appreciation for that like Mike does.

After doing a bit of “sole” searching (ha…couldn’t resist throwing a pun in there) and healing from missing the game of soccer, Mike decided to parlay his natural instinct of helping others and his passion for the game of soccer into something that could inspire others and keep people fit at the same time. Not wanting to stray too far from his love of soccer, Mike took advantage of having a Class Pass (a monthly membership that is designed to help you explore a variety of workout classes before fully committing) and started researching what made so many different workouts great in their own way. How did they motivate people? What made their workout different or better than the rest? What was currently missing in the fitness community? What he found, was pieces and aspects of many that he liked, but none that encompassed what made soccer great.

Enter, Sphere, a soccer inspired fitness concept for every one of all ages, and NOT just soccer fans. Sphere offers a variety of different workout concepts; however, their signature program is rightfully named after the concept and is designed to mimic a half of a soccer match (i.e. get soccer fit in 45 min). With nonstop movement filled with running, kicking and multiple drills in between to keep the heart rate up, you are definitely getting the benefit of a full body workout. Although I am into fitness and have played multiple sports throughout the years, soccer has never made it on my list; so I was a bit skeptical coming into this. It’s funny how so many things in life remind us to try new things but so often we avoid them out of fear or embarrassment.

Keeping all the other fitness programs and classes that I have tried in mind, I went into Sphere’s signature class, fully expecting to NOT enjoy it. However, to my surprise, I am beyond glad that I put on my big girl shoes, and went out to the workout because I absolutely LOVED it! For 45 minutes I laid it all out there and pushed my body as hard as I could. The overall challenge of the workout is definitely there with modifications that can easily be made for many of those with injury, but the adrenaline rush isn’t the main thing that sold me on their concept. It was the teamwork. The camaraderie that is built into this fitness program brings back so many old memories of playing on a team. It drives you to work harder, play faster and cheer for random strangers that have all of a sudden become your best friends during those 45 minutes.

With creating the concept of Sphere, Mike has really captured magic in a bottle…a “unicorn” of fitness if you will. It is unique, fun, innovative and gets the job done well enough to leave your body feeling the best kind of sore the next day…while still wanting a little bit more.

To read more about Sphere’s Sunday morning POWA workout at the 4 Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston, please visit my other blog post, Feeling em'POWA'd

Checkout upcoming Sphere workout classes here and let me know if you are coming out! I look forward to “kicking it” with some of you soon!

Don’t forget to follow Sphere online at and on social:

@spherefit -Facebook

@spherefithtx -Twitter

@spherefit -Instagram


Forever In'SPHERE'd

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