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Workouts Made Easy: Gaiam Self-Guided Product Launch

From plank alterations to mountain climbers to recovery work and stretching, the Gaiam Self-Guided Restore product line has it all and truly hits it out of the creativity park!

One of the #1 things I hears from my blog subscribers and IG followers is that they don’t know what exercises are the right workouts for them to make the most out of their short window of time in a day. We all have so much running through our minds on an average basis, that sometimes remembering how to properly do a workout or even what to do is an added stress. The one thing I have learned from helping people with their fitness goals is that if it gets complicated or is too confusing then normally it will make them take a step back instead of embracing it. It ultimately makes working out a daunting task. That’s why the Gaiam Restore line alleviates quite a bit of that stress!

Here’s why each item ROCKS in its own way:

  1. First off, this thing is SOOOO comfortable! I might even bring it with me when I go camping next! It has 10mm thick padding so it makes it easy to use on all surface types.

  2. The self-guided photos and instructions are easy to follow and understand.

  3. This is really made for people of all fitness levels. You can modify or alter the workout down or up depending on your needs and overall goals.

  4. It comes with a strap that makes this easy to roll up mat very convenient to carry around or store out of the way!

  1. Stability balls in general are one of my favorite workout tools for their versatility.

  2. This offers a full body workout and doesn’t limit you to ONLY working on your core like one would think. The self-guided workouts will also work on your arm and leg strength, as well as improve your balance and coordination.

  3. The stability ball comes with 2 corks (just in case you are like me and lose your first one under the couch) and an air pump (because who in the world would want to inflate that by mouth??).

Okay…let’s be honest, most people are completely perplexed at the thought of using a foam roller. You hear people tell you it’s good for you but how??

  1. Don’t say “ouch” until you try it…then you can say “ouch” but in a good way!

  2. This roller walks you through 9 of the most common foam rolling moves.

  3. Benefits are that it loosens sore and achy muscles, improves mobility and relieve a bit of that built up stress.

  4. Not even going to lie….one of my favorite moves with a foam roller is just to lie down on it face up and with it vertically down my spine and gently rock to relieve some stresses from my day.

“What in the world are these? They can’t possibly do anything.”

This is what I hear every time I break these out, but with a little guidance, you will learn that these resistance bands can be your absolute best friend.

  1. They are easy to throw into your bag while traveling so these go with me EVERYWHERE. I use them in my hotel, while writing…and yes…I am that crazy person that you would see stretching on a layover in an airport. But you know what? They work!

  2. These are great for a full body stretch without the guess work.

  3. The bands can also be used for recovery workouts on your “off” days.

  4. They not only increase overall flexibility but aid in toning.

The main reason why I am such a huge proponent of the new self-guided line is because I always want to encourage everyone to feel comfortable and positive with their body. Always work on improving for yourself for YOU, whether it is with weight loss or gain, strength and conditioning or flexibility. I love that this takes the guess work out of things so that you can easily create your own home gym and can space out some of these workouts throughout your day instead of feeling like you have to get in a crazy session at the gym.

Huge thanks to JCPenney for featuring these products during their Shop by Room Event!


These photos below are candidly how I felt after using these products! The burn is real!

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