Feeling em'POWA'd

Power. Powerful. Empower. So many thoughts come to mind when I hear these words. They make me feel strong, invincible, aspirational and authoritative. I believe with fitness goals, all of those embody the mindset that we need to have to achieve overall success.

30 minutes . That’s all it takes…not a minute more, not a minute less. Ha, yes I could be taking about a number of things! However in this case, I am talking about former MLS player, Michael Chabala’s new partnership with the Four Seasons for his soccer inspired fitness program, Sphere. POWA is a 30 minute workout consisting of interval cardiovascular routines and sideline strength training that uses a medicine ball to shred your fitness goals.

I typically pride myself for being able to handle a multitude of workouts, but I have never had one challenge me in a half hour time frame like this one! I am a runner so starting on the treadmill seemed to be a natural choice and for the first 5 minutes, I questioned how challenging this workout was going to be for me. Mark the switch to strength training at the 5 minute mark…by 10 minutes in, I was breathing heavier and beads of sweat were starting to form perpetually on my forehead (and I am NOT a big sweater!). After the first round of cardio and strength, I was instructed to get back on the treadmill for the next round and as we bumped the speed up and increased the incline, my mind started to remind my body that I had to go back on the strength floor. I began to realize that this class was definitely no joke. After navigating through about 25 minutes of intervals, it was time to stretch it out. One thing I have discovered that I appreciate about Sphere’s workouts is the teammate aspect. With POWA, we may not be on the field or actually in a team, but we are constantly encouraged to high five and support the others as our groups alternate between the strength floor and treadmills. The stretching portion is no different as we team up and stretch “sole to sole”, unwind and let everything go from the week as we prepare to step into a new one.

Having “me time” is so important. I run a busy schedule weekly and I am constantly pushing myself to the limits, but I am a full believer that focusing on health and fitness is how I make it through my long weeks. With that being said, I am glad to have found POWA by Sphere because where else can I get in a 30 minute all out calorie burn and be on my way to start the day feeling refreshed and accomplished? Oh, and not to mention that you get to use the Four Seasons spa and pool amenities for the day AND your valet is free! I have already made time for a few girl’s days to unwind and even brought a group out to celebrate my 32nd birthday with my friends and doing something I am passionate about…fitness! Some of you are probably wondering what the catch is now. A great total body workout in 30 minutes in downtown Houston AND I can utilize amazing amenities at a first class hotel….hmmmm. Well, the skeptic in me would naturally raise a red flag; but in this case, there is no catch. $20. That’s what it takes to experience POWA at the Four Seasons. I would personally call that a fitness steal!

Not in Houston? That’s okay, Chabala’s ultimate plan with the POWA program with the Four Seasons is to jump into expansion so that people nationwide can be inspired to get a jump start on their fitness goals. For my overall review of Sphere and their signature soccer inspired program, check out this link to Forever In'SPHERE'd

Check out the Sphere website at www.sphere.club for more information on this workout or any of their other workouts and don’t forget to follow them on social media for future updates.

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Feeling emPOWA’d

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