Choosing Fear over Fearlessness

They say life is short and to chase your dreams. You just never know when it might be too late.

We all might think that we are living while keeping all of that in mind but are we really?? Do we live on the edge of fearful OR fearless? Which is even the better option?

Fearlessness can be scary. It is great in the sense that you are bold and never wavering but that also can put you on a path of just plain stupidity. To be driven by fear means that you have parameters of idiocracy and know your bounds but are able to face fear in the eye and overcome.

For me, I would rather be fearful. It’s a constant reminder that moments are slipping away, time is passing and things that you love and care about may be taken away from you without a caution or warning sign to brace for pain. I choose to be fearful because it makes me face those thoughts every single day and choose to live the life that I desire.

Overcoming fear makes you stronger. It makes you a fighter. It makes you appreciate the little things and not take them for granted. Fear makes you move. So go for it. Who cares if you fail. With life, if you don’t go for it then you might lose your right to choose at all and have it taken away from you without your ok.


Fearful and Going For It

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