Finding Strength in Those That Like to Hate

Sometimes in life, people are just not going to like you.

We all grow up being taught that we should aim to please everyone, treat others with respect and how we would like to be treated; but what do you do when your realize that some people can’t be pleased? I feel like my answer to this was much different before I turned 31 (yes I mean 31 and not 30…it took a whole year to really set in lol). When I was in my 20's, I used to take things so personally. Part of that was because I was still coming into my own and although I had figured part of it out, my toughness to the demand of societal opinions was just not strong enough.

But now, at 32, I just don’t care.

It is plain and simple. We all have different personalities, different morals and different upbringings. It does not ever necessarily make us wrong about our view points BUT it does leave us open to clashing with others. There are also those people that are just plain ignorant and bad for society as a whole…but we will save that for a different blog! The year I turned 31, I finally felt comfortable, courageous and ready to ‘fly’. I have always been interested in so many different aspects and have enjoyed working a variety of jobs. I always knew I would land on my feet with one of my variety of skill sets I had going for me, but yet I stayed at a “typical” salaried job paralyzed by the fear of stepping into the unknown. I knew what I wanted to do, but how do you depend on a job where your success is solely subject to people’s opinions of you. I searched, struggled, and fought with myself restless about this for so long…and finally it hit me. I took a step into that realm of the unknown and there it was all along….my courage had lead me to the fact that there are just some people in life who won’t like you and that should never hinder you from fearlessly pursuing your dreams.

You see, if your number one goal in life is to make sure that people like you then you risk sacrificing what makes you special and unique…and ultimately, your excellence. It is also important to remember that sometimes, it is those who are un-liked by someone during a period of time in their life, that have the greatest influence (c’mon…you know we are all think of someone you have cursed and called dirty names in your mind and now you secretly thank them for being a pr*ck). Within reason, sharing your opinion and being tough on someone, can ultimately better a person for what their future holds.

At 31, all of this hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed to take a leap and pursue my dreams. I had always wanted to be a writer and I have one of the biggest hearts out there. Even when I am tough on someone, it comes from the best place possible (unless you just flat out piss me off). I knew I needed to not just stay in the doorway of the unknown but I needed to get a little lost in the dark.

At the beginning of 2016 that is exactly what I did. I didn’t know exactly where I was going. I knew that some people would love me and some people would hate me. I mainly knew that although I may get frustrated along this new path, I would succeed. And I would be able to smile sweetly back at those that didn’t think I could. Always know your worth, be courageous and trust that even the people that don’t like you, can help you achieve the greatest successes of your life.


Successfully smiling sweetly at my haters

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