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The Good, The Bad and the James

Millions of viewers followed him through his quest for love with JoJo on The Bachelorette. Week after week he captured the majority of American female hearts with his hilarity, humility, humbleness, and harmony (a little alliteration for y'all right there!). Who am I talking about? Not the other fan faves, Luke Pell or Chase McNary, I am talking about the perma-grin Texan, James McCoy Taylor (yeah if I were him, I would definitely throw the McCoy in there too!). This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading out to Katy, TX to attend his release party for his album, Can't Stop.

Life and parties are always better with friends, so how could I not have my 2 best friends along for a perfect Saturday filled with music, beer, and boots? Plus I knew they would give me their honest opinions from opposing male and female perspectives. The album launch was held during Cotton Fest (I would use the term Fest very lightly) at Cotton Ranch in Katy, TX. Considering Taylor now calls Atlanta home, I loved the fact that he decided to do this among close friends, family and supporters of him while growing up in the area. Taylor promoted heavily on social media with a decent return on views and and likes. He also invited some of his fellow Bachelorette alum (Vinny, Derek, Wells and Chase) to hang out for the weekend and enticed fans to buy tickets with a Top Golf giveaway to hang out with him and the boys the night before the show. The overall idea and great feel was in place to make for a well executed event and although