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Travel Light, Eat Light: Eating Healthy on the Road

Hey! Listen up....eating healthy on the road is NOT as hard as you are making it!

While logging road and airline miles (which for me is a lot), it is so easy to stop along the way and grab what seems to be the easiest thing possible to satisfy hunger on the go. However, what seems to be easy and simple isn’t always what is best. There are so many healthy options that we just don’t even think about so I thought I would share my tips and tricks for eating out while traveling.

It is so easy to stop at a fast food place while vacationing or traveling BUT it is just as easy to stop at a grocery store. I mean, yes, you will have to actually get out of your car BUT you will gain so much from it.

  1. Stretch your legs and get the circulation going! We all can get antsy in a car so it helps to stop somewhere besides a rest stop and walk around.

  2. Sooo many more options!!! I always start in the produce department where they have mini fruit and veggie trays, bananas, nuts and protein options.

  3. Fresh hot plate options. Why eat a processed burger that is just going to make you feel bloated and sluggish later (and tempt you to buy those add on shakes an treats to go with the burger) when you so many grocery chains now have warm and healthy full me options that are easy to eat while road tripping and will leave you feeling satisfied and fueled for the many miles ahead of you.

Top 10 FAVE Grocery Store Picks

  1. Mini fruit/ veggie trays (some of these come with dip but I never use that, I look for the options that replace the dip with another nutrient or with hummus!).

  2. Nuts (most of us have walked into the store and looked at the price of nuts and had sticker shock for something that seems like there is no way it should cost that much; however, it is worth it). Target has some of my fave individual nut snacks. They are normally by the checkout stands and they are individual bags of cashews and almonds for $1-$2 each. I would much rather spend a couple of bucks on that to hold me over to my next meal rather than settle on burger meat that may or may not contain any actual nutrients). Whether I am driving or flying, I normally will pack a big bag that I have mixed myself and leave it on my carry on to help me avoid unhealthy snacking.

  3. Bananas. Normally a perfect snack when hunger strikes!

  4. Yogurt. I don’t normally eat dairy but I am a fan of greek yogurt and if I feel like something sweet and I am over eating fruit for the day, I will defer to this option to satisfy the craving. Please note that I avoid the yogurt options that are jam packed with sugar and add ons like chocolate and candy crumbles!

  5. Kombucha. Your first thought is probably….what? lol Think tea meets probiotics! Depending on which brand you get, these can be a great way to give your body some nutrient and energy along your journey. Myer personal fave is by GTS Synergy Organic Kombucha in Trilogy because I love the flavor and it has a low sugar content.

  6. Power Protein Bars. I always watch the sugar content but this is a great and quick way to get my protein intake in for the day. If you are lucky enough to find the Oh Yeah! ONE Bars in Birthday Cake then …well…be warned…they are addictive!!!! 21 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of sugar and will keep you fueled until your next meal stop.

  7. Carrots. I love mini carrots and hummus and a snack. It gives you the crunch of a chip or cracker which in a way tricks the mind and satisfies unhealthy cravings.

  8. Water. May seem like a simple thing but many people don’t think about just stopping by a grocery store and buying a case of water to bring in the car. : ) It also comes in handy if you are feeling gross and need to freshen up or brush your teeth!

  9. Salads. You always have to be careful with premade salads but there are normally options that can definitely work for you. I normally avoid dressing and eat a dry salad or by a lemon for juice to put on it but many people have to have the flavor of dressing. The key then is moderation, choose a salad without cheese or a limited amount of dairy, choose lean protein and limit the dressing….once you shake it up….did you really need that whole entire dressing cup?

  10. Beef Jerky. This snack can get pricey so I am careful where I purchase from. My favorite is turkey jerky and it is normally very reasonably priced at your neighborhood Walmart ; ) It also will fill you up and fuel you for longer so that you aren’t inclined to keep snacking on foods that you shouldn’t.

  11. *Bonus* Sushi. Yes, you can get decent sushi at a grocery store! Some stores that I have been able to score some yummy quick to eat Sushi at have been Kroger, HEB, Publix and Smith’s! The health factor is obvious based on which one you choose. I normally go for simple rolls without tons of sauce and toppings but this gives me an option on the road that most don’t think of.

*Disclaimer* Many people say that eating healthy in general and while traveling is a lot of work, but it is all about the effort you are willing to put it. If you would rather eat junk and feel bloated and constipated on the road then please feel free but for me, stopping at a grocery store for options is not that much more work than deciding what to eat off of a back lit menu and ordering through a microphone. Don’t be lazy. Make the effort and it will pay off : )


Your Waistline : )

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