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Game 7: I Woke Up Like This...Postseason Hangover

“There is nothing better than a Game 7 in any professional sport. It means that the teams have battled to a draw and play one game to decide the best team. Both teams will give it everything they have to win that game. You hope your team wins, you want a great game that isn’t decided by others. It’s for all the marbles.” –JT TEPOLT

10am on the west coast.

I wake up.

What day is it? Am I home?

Rolls over on the velour teal sofa of my Airbnb….no definitely not home.

Realizes its Wednesday and I am in LA.

Realizes its November.

>>deep sigh<< Oh shit. Realizes its Game 7 of the World Series and I’m here to witness it today.

Wow. Mind Blown. Too epic of a processing level for me after just waking up.

The inner sports nerd in me is geeking out over attending an absolute sports bucket list item. The Astros fan in me is sick to its stomach. As much as I want to forget that last night happened. Or that game 4 happened or that game 1 was lost by essentially a homerun, it is a full out appropriate ending that this series come down to what could easily be a Hollywood script. Yu vs. Yuli. Team 1 vs Team 2. Game of Thrones battle style, no holds barred cage match on a professional sports level.

This series has been on a whole ‘nother level of epic proportions. I have admired the tenacity and strength in both teams not wanting to back down. This has exceeded all of anyone’s expectations and both teams find themselves in a situation of one last and final chance for a drag out brawl. As of right now, we don’t know who will be on the upside of this battle but neither team has anything to scoff at. This is what real sports is about. This is what little kids and fans dream of.

We will all need to take personal time and vacation to recover from the “hangover” we are getting from this emotional and physical battle…and might need a few tequila shots in the process to either celebrate or numb the pain, but either way we are experiencing history and what baseball is really about. It’s what America is really about. Never give up. Always hold on. Always grind it out. Never rule anything out.

Game 7 baby. Here we go!


Girl in a postseason fog and in need of a drink/some sleep

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