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'Fandomness'- A Fan's Emotional Turmoil

“It’s not you, it’s me. You deserve so much better.”

That’s what my football team said to me last year….and my baseball team…..and basketball….and so on. Being a sports fan is extremely similar to being in a bad relationship. There are extreme highs and lows, you shout, you scream and you throw things. You repeatedly say you are done and you deserve better but yet you keep going back for more. Why do we do this to ourselves? Are we all just a little sadistic in the way we like to be treated in life???

No matter what sport you are into, each season we eagerly make our way through the turnstiles, ticket scanners and, now, metal detectors to see our teams start afresh. Our ol’ faithful that is there for us when we need them and reliable year after year…..well…reliable to begin a season, maybe not to actually show up mentally in the games. Many times by the end of the season, we feel like we have been dragged through the dirt and put through the ringer with our team. We try every superstition we can think of and sometimes nothing seems to work. Year after year, we go home broken hearted and saying “wait till next year” but what if that next year isn’t better than the last? Or what if we are the Pirates (no offense to any of their fans!) and terrible for 20 years, putting us into a completely different generational gap? As fans, we go home broken hearted from sports more often than not and we dwell in our pain of the season but is it just us or is it the athletes too? In this day in age, there are so many ways to keep tabs on your favorite athletes with the internet and social media. We can see through a multitude of ways that are favorite athlete on our team jetted off to Cabo with friends a few days after we left the stadium in a mushy, 'turmoiled' mess because we missed the playoffs by “that much.” It makes you question how they can move on and get over things when you still feel like your soul has been ripped out. Did they even care? Did they even try? How can I be torn apart when they are working on their tan???

The ultimate truth is that athletes are human, just like you and me (unless you are a robot reading this then…well…I don’t know what to tell you). The game is their job. They train hard and sacrifice even when you don’t see it being posted on social media or caught on video by the news. They make personal sacrifices throughout the season and play hard whether it is win or lose. Some have more of the “heart of a champion” personality than others, just like I might be a bit more driven than someone else. That never means that anything should ever be taken away or lessened or viewed as not caring. If the internet didn’t exist then nobody would have ever even known that Tony Romo and Jason Witten jetted off to Mexico instead of cramming th