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Blue Lagoon: Worth It or Nah?

The Blue Lagoon.

You’ve seen it on Instagram and other popular social media sites. It looks epic, it looks like perfection, it looks like heaven….but is it really?

Honestly I was super skeptical that the Blue Lagoon would live up to the hype prior to my trip to Iceland. However, I felt required by my due diligence as a travel blogger to at least experience it once…plus I had a group of my friends with me who wanted to also go!

Outcome? I’m super glad I went! When I first arrived, I made my way through the slightly confusing dressing room and shower rules (they have signage everywhere for everything else but are lacking a bit in overall instructions!), I walked out into the 50 degree September Icelandic weather to a sea of tourists quickly making their way into the warm waters of the infamous Blue Lagoon. I put my towel up on the rack and left my sandals and joined them. The water instantly felt great on my body after a week of hiking in a variety of terrain and temperatures!

I originally thought I would only be at the lagoon for about 2 hours but the more time I spent in the warm waters and having a few drinks with my friends, the more and more I enjoyed my time there. The lagoon is spacious and they have a good system of attempting to space visitors out throughout the day. I had opted to go around 3pm so that I could see the sun set at the lagoon and it was well worth it. There are less people at that time of day since its right after the midday rush and before the evening and night time discounted rates that people take advantage of.

To be perfectly honest, the germ-a-phobic side of me (I will spare you my experience with hair that wasn’t mine) was never fully at ease with the sifting through the murky silica filled waters but…hey…it’s the experience that counts right? Plus, once you are having fun with friends…and have a couple of drinks…you care a bit less! The Blue Lagoon is absolutely worth the visit and the steep price tag to get in. I don’t know that I would visit every time that I am in Iceland BUT it is an absolute MUST see place and lives up to all the hype! It really resembles a pool of fire and ice.


Blue Lagoon Heaven

See my notes and Blue Lagoon travel tips below:

Don’t go at the beginning of your trip or your last day.

**You don’t want to battle the dryness of your hair from the silica during your whole trip and a lot of people go on their very last day before they fly out but I felt SO much better being able to take a real shower at my Airbnb. Your hair will need a few rinses.

Protect your hair! Head the warning and COAT your hair in the offered conditioner. You have to shower prior to getting in anyways so take advantage of the conditioner.

**The rumors about the silica and your hair are true. I was originally going to braid my hair and I am so glad I kept it straight. The silica makes your hair very very stiff so it was much easier to rinse without having to un-braid it or take it down from a ponytail. Plus the whole slicked back hair look is kinda hot : ) If you are certain you wont get your hair wet then you can always tie it up on your head and hope for the best but if it gets wet, I recommended giving in and just pulling it down.

Don’t wear skinny jeans.

**I made this mistake and they are super hard to get back on after your time in the lagoon!

Buy the basic package.

**Make sure you pack sandals in your suitcase! Although you could technically do without them if you forget. But the more expensive packages only help if you plan on dining at the restaurant (which does look cool!). The robe isn’t really worth it unless you plan on just standing outside and LOOKING at the Blue Lagoon.


**You are provided a towel with every package BUT don’t assume you will end up keeping the same towel the whole time! Once you walk out to the lagoon area, you can place your towel on an indoor or outdoor rack and although they are numbered, you most likely will not end up with your same towel since everyone takes whichever one they want when they get out.


**Doesn’t have to be alcohol! They have delicious juices, smoothies and slushies and you get a free drink with even the basic package that they offer. Just a heads up though, the max amount of drinks that you can order is 3.

Heat Warmers

Although always warm, the water varies in certain areas of the lagoon. There are wooden platforms that you can hang out near while in the water and each of those is part of the heating system. The water near there gets VERY warm and sauna like! I loved it. Also, don't be alarmed as you can hear and feel the water pumps and heaters periodically. the sound wave effect in the water bothered me a little more than others in my group so I think sensitivity varies per person.

What To Pack:

Bathing Suit, Sandals, Comfy Clothes, Fresh Underwear and any toiletries you might need. They have a full vanity area with space to put makeup on and dry your hair and your access bracelet gives you a locker. For those with luggage, there is special

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