Mexico City: Do you dare?

No! Don’t go to Mexico, it’s dangerous! You could get hurt, you could……HAVE THE TIME OF MY LIFE!

It really is sad to me that traveling to Mexico comes with this air of apprehension to it. When I first announced that I would be traveling to Mexico City for the Texans vs Raiders Football game, my friends and family looked at me as though I had grown an extra head. Although I would be traveling with two of my close friends, they all thought they would surely never see me again. I must admit, stepping out of the airport in Mexico I was a bit nervous about what I would find and how the next few days were going to go. Well let me tell you, I found a beautiful city full of culture and people that made me feel welcome. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some places that I wouldn’t be caught alone after dark in, but if we are honest with ourselves there are such places in every city across America.

I do have one warning to give you before I go any further… Unless you are a Mexico native, do not, under any circumstances, drive a car. Why? You may ask, well let me tell you. Driving in Mexico is an experience in itself; where traffic lanes and signs and occasionally lights have no meaning. Everyone seems to be everywhere all at once and at times you swear your car is about to touch the one next to it. Yet the citizens of Mexico City seem to have it down like a synchronized dance and I never once saw a car accident.

Now on to my hotel. I was fortunate enough to stay at the InterContinental Presidente just outside the Bosque de Chapultepec. It is a beautiful hotel with some of the friendliest staff I have ever encountered on vacation. They also have multiple in-house restaurants that offer a variety of options. I must recommend the macaroons at Café Urbano, but don’t blame me if you develop a craving. The food options were so diverse that I never ventured out for my meals, I never had a bad meal.

Walking in the Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere, was a blast. It is full of merchants selling everything under the sun and it’s all so colorful and vibrant. While I came home with some native made clothing and bags and even a blanket, my favorite mementos have to be four small paintings I watched an elderly man paint just outside of the park. They are no bigger than the size of your hand and depict different nature scenes one might see in Mexico, from mountains to a small village. They feel as though I got to bring a small piece of this beautiful country home with me. Also sitting high up on a hill inside the park is Chapultepec Castle, if seeing it is not yet on your bucket list do yourself a favor and add it now. It is like stepping back into history with its artifacts and architecture. The views from the balconies are breathtaking and seem to stretch on for forever.

All in all I found myself immersed in a city full of life, color, culture and a welcoming people. My life is richer for going there, even if I did have to watch my Texans fall to the Raiders…. Hopkins foot was IN by the way, not that I’m holding any resentment. If the lack of tropical beaches or rumors of it being dangerous are holding you back from visiting Mexico City, then you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience!


Koko in MXCD

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