Points Queen: Earning Daily With Southwest Air and Traveling On A Frugal Budget

Some call it being frugal, I call it being smart. I am definitely a self-proclaimed “points and rewards queen” and what’s wrong with that?? I hear so often that from many of my social media friends and acquaintances that they live vicariously through me and my exciting travel life on Instagram and Facebook. They tell me I am lucky, but is it luck or just being smart?

You see, I am always on the lookout for a decent rewards program. I mean, why would you not take advantage of something that is free?

For my first blog on this topic, let’s start with my all-time FAVORITE rewards program…Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards.

I originally started off flying southwest because I was young and they normally had cheaper airfare deals so it made it easy for a college me to kick start my curiosity bug in the world of travel. I was also starting off working in sports at the time and with me being a huge sports fan, I wanted to travel and see as many stadiums (mainly baseball) as I could!

I signed up for their Rapid Rewards program and slowly but steadily collected points. Most people are aware of this part of the program but I did some research and decided to take it to the next level. I often received emails about Rapid Rewards Shopping but I normally ignored them as junk mail until one day they “got me” by sending out one with a promotion that caught my eye. I clicked on the email and was shocked that I had ignored this world for so long! I am an avid online shopper (hate dealing with the in store crowds, especially during the holidays) and once I logged my rewards account in, I was opened to a land of opportunity. Most of the places that I shopped at, offered bonus southwest points by being affiliates of the program.

Since this discovery has really changed my rewards life, I thought I would share it with my blog audience : ).

Key Things to Remember:

  1. You do not need to have a Southwest Credit Card to take advantage of this program, you simply need a rewards number. You can receive the points in your account (after about a week or so waiting period by),

  2. The points offered extend through a wide ranged variety of points. Some companies keep them the same monthly and some change out the points offered often. For example, I ordered something off Groupon through the Rapid Rewards site today and received 3 points/$, but I have also ordered items in the past where I received 6 points/$. So I normally try to strike while the iron is hot and ESPECIALLY during the holidays and back to school time periods.

  3. If you have a southwest credit card and use that for your purchase then you are increasing the points you will get at the end of each month since you receive points for your purchases with your card. It is a win-win.

  4. I use my southwest credit card like a debit card. I will use my card for most purchases throughout the week and then pay down my card at the end of every week or 2. Since I am constantly paying down my balance, I am able to earn more points than by making major purchases and paying overtime and avoid the negative factor about any credit card, the interest!

  5. Rapid Rewards Shopping is just the beginning of your earning potential with Southwest and with them expanding to more destinations and international travel, that’s not a bad thing : )

  6. You can use your southwest points for MORE than air travel. At Rapid Rewards MORE, you can redeem for popular gift cards, experiences like a day pass to Universal Studios, rentals cars, hotels and so much MORE. ; )

My NOT Favorite Things:

  1. AMAZON is not an affiliate partner : / With the way I order from them, this is probably a good thing! (It might just make me spend more money!)

  2. Purchased or transferred points do not count towards a Companion Pass or A-List Status.

  3. You cannot use your points to directly book a hotel or rental car through the Southwest site. You would have to go through their MORE grogram (link below).

  4. You cannot use your points on the Southwest Vacation packages. Same thing, you must go through their MORE program for some limited offers that they have available. Sometimes it is better to book your itinerary separately anyways. Don’t be fooled by the “save $200” on a package deal promotion that is often ran. ALWAYS compare.

Key Links to Remember:



Rapid Rewards Shopping


Southwest Rapid Rewards MORE Program


This article covers just a couple of ways that I earn points on Southwest. If I put it all in one blog then it would be an overwhelming and cumbersome read! This should be enough for now to get you started on your journey and on your way to earning points right away.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Traveler : )

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