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Letter of Faith

Your grace is pure

Your kindness everlasting

A face of love

Amongst all devastation

You calm my storms

And take in my sadness

I thought I knew you…

And the words of all your power

But I never knew…

Not truly…until now.

I love you for all you do

Sight seen and unseen.

You made me whole

By simple

Rhymingly written words.

Your beauty is so breathtaking

And at times…

It is the only type of ‘drug’

Worth consuming.

I am not sure how I feel

To know I won’t have a direct connect

But I trust in you

And all of your greatness.

This sadness will pass

And I can remember what is now becoming past

And know you walk with me

With every step

Every breath

And every fall that I may take.

You saved me Oh Lord

My love knows no bounds.

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