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So FRḖ and So Clean: Changing the Skincare Game

Let’s face it, everybody sweats. Some more than others for sure but at some point (no matter what your sexual orientation is), we all find ourselves in the grueling battle of sweat clogged pores!

I’m not going to BS, I’m pretty lucky that I have naturally good skin (…well…now I do, when I first hit puberty that was a whhoooolllllleeeee different nightmare)! However, I am in my 30s now, I work out and I am active like a psychopath and with my travel blogging schedule, I CONSTANTLY touch very germy things that I like to think don’t end up on my face, but c’mon…they definitely do. ::yuck:: Anyways, with recent stresses, I had developed some underlying pimples that WOULD NOT GO AWAY…until FRḖ freed my skin.

At first I was really iffy. I’ve seen it on Instagram on many workout accounts, but would it really work for me? When FRḖ arrived, I was traveling the next day so I wanted to put it to the ultimate test immediately. I won’t lie, I initially wasn’t sure how this was going to go because I felt like it felt heavy on my skin and I looked shiny; however, once my skin adjusted and balanced after the first week, I became a believer in the FRḖ skincare line! My initial skepticism was a much needed adjustment for my skin and now I look forward to using the product. All the products smell so fresh, feel smooth on your skin and are easy to take with you anywhere. After a week of adjustment, my stress and sweat zits had faded away and my skin now has a healthy glow to my complexion even without makeup on! It’s the best it has been in years : )

With FRḖ in my life, I feel free to go about my daily grind of a schedule without having to worry as much about what these intense Texas summer rays are doing to my face. Skincare becomes more and more important the older you get, and FRḖ has aced the game for us active folks and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. for what you care about... what's so great about FRḖ and what are you really getting into with this pack.

What's Great:

1. This is a vegan skincare line. None of these products were tested on animals.

2. it truly was developed with those that sweat in mind and once your skin adapts, you are good to go if using the product correctly.

3. A little FRE goes a long way with all of the products.

4. Hypoallergenic

5. Smells great!

6. The packaging is so cute and makes it super easy to carry your FRḖ products with you along with other beauty essentials.

What's Inside the 3-Pack:

1. Protect Me- This moisturizer rocks! Contains SPF 30 and has done an amazing job at protecting my fairer face from the Florida and Texas sun while running errands and working. I even went to the beach with it and it protected my face for the day. I was beyond impressed! It doesn't leave your pores feeling clogged, which is what so many products do. **IMPORTANT NOTE: You only need to use a small dab of this for daily use or it will feel too heavy on your skin!**

2. Purify Me- This daily use cleanser literally is so FRḖsh and so clean. ::pun fully intended:: It is so lightweight, has a smooth and creamy texture that is soothing to the skin and smells great. It might sound silly but I look forward to using this each day because my skin always feels so refreshed. **IMPORTANT NOTE: I have found that I have to use this with a cloth to fully get my face to the ultimate level of freshness and unclog all of my pores. Once I do that and then pat my face dry, I am good to go!**

3. Revive Me- Only a dab of this goes a loooong way! It is also my fave product in this pack. Revive me truly has made my skin feel revitalized and feels firmer yet smoother at the same time. **IMPORTANT NOTE: This product rocks.**


so FRḖshly clean!

READY TO TRY IT? USE CODE: PAMLOTT25 by 8/26 for 25% off!!

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