Open Letter To Colin Kaepernick

Dear Colin,

I hope it is okay that I called you by your first name. Mr. Kaepernick sounded too formal for somebody that I cheered for, encouraged and believed in for so many years. I am a full believer that the reality of truths is about perception of individuals and society. What I might perceive to be true about a matter, might in fact irritate and anger someone who has been delivered a different perception simply due to their societal upbringing. The part of me that believes in God and a higher power, find this fact to be a thing of beauty in the world. I like being different from others. I like trying to learn and understand from different upbringings because ultimately it makes me a better and a more worldly person. I realize that not everyone is like me. Not everyone is open to listening and learning to become a better version of themselves. In reality, if we would all do just that, this world would be a much better place.

How often do we get so lost in what we think, that we in return, refuse to listen to what the other side has to say? History teaches us that most wars start because we don’t listen to the other point of view. It’s okay to feel strongly in what we believe in, but it’s not enough to go through life without considering the other point of view. Being passionate about what we believe in is okay and we may truly feel we don’t need somebody else’s facts or points of view. However, to truly understand our own view point, we should be able to argue the points on the other side of the fence as well.

I have researched and listened to your view points and I have decided that you do make some valid points. Where I disagree, is your delivery of it. I think it is great that you want to use your social prowess to make some change in the world and give people a voice that do not have the same platform as you. However, if you are so worried about the relationships with cops in African American communities then why would you not want the change to be there? Why would you not work within your local communities to be the example of change and want to build that bridge? Why was sitting down during the National Anthem your approach? I get the fact that apparently you do not agree with the anthem; however, you DID seemed to agree with it all other years of your football career and even have been shown being moved to tears during the anthem on national TV. Everyone is entitled to their right to change their mind on a belief based off the discovery of facts but why slander something that so many believe in? The flag is a representation a country that was built over much adversity. It was not perfect then and it is definitely not perfect now but how does slandering it help? I won’t say that you are wrong in what you did because ultimately our military fights for our freedom of speech and you are exercising your right to do so. I do want to ask as to why you would want to live in a country that you have no sense of pride or loyalty in? You voiced an opinion that you had, but what did you change the current reality?

So what am I asking of you Colin? You asked for the attention and it came to you. It may have been controversial, but it is sitting before you at your feet. If you truly wanted this and desire to be seen as a true activist of change, I need you to get your butt out in these communities. I need you to attempt to bridge any piece of this gap….and no…I don’t mean once or twice. I don’t mean just kneeling during the anthem the rest of the season or appearing on your TIME magazine cover. This needs to be an active piece of your life. You have your own uphill battle to fight in this since you have already been attacked for being “privileged” and not being considered a true African American man. As someone of mixed race, I think that is pretty shitty that you have to go through that. You have to work that much harder to be taken seriously but take that stand and be the change you asked for Colin. Be the change.


Patiently Waiting for YOU to be the Change

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