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Life Goals: Spectator or Player?

Jackie Robinson said, "Life is not a spectator sport." This has been a quote has always lingered in the back of my mind. How many people sit idly by and watch others truly live and embrace all the change ups and curve balls that life has to offer? Why would they not want to be out there creating their own experiences? Is this something that was preconditioned to them since childhood or was it a path they chose?

I have a friend who has always loved his life on the heavier side. He has always had heart and been wishful for greater things in life but always saw everything as improbable. Recently, he took a leap and decided to get up out of his chair and start living life. He hired a personal trainer and has made a serious commitment against all odds and judgements from others, that he was ready to start fighting and living his life. Who knows where he will be at years end but with the help of friends and his trainer, he believes he can achieve greatness.

I reference all of this because baseball season is around the corner. The smell of cut grass, roasting hot dogs, relish and bubblegum has begun to arrupt from the memory banks of men, women and kids alike. Each team and player has new hopes despite previous failures or successes from last season. They all are chasing the top prize of success, a World Series ring but some would be happy with their team being over 500.... Others are just happy to occupy a roster spot. Spring beginnings and spring hopes. Will they listen to the outside influences telling them what they can and can't achieve? Or will they look in the mirror and decide their own destiny? You see, my friend that I referenced prior, is an avid baseball fan, just like these teams and players have hope, he has hope. His end goal is weight loss and to gain life achievements that most of us take for granted; like going to an amusement park and riding a ride, buying clothes on a random splurge at our local favorite store or even buying a ticket to sit in a stadium and watch a game and feeling 100% confident we will fit in our seat. All of these things, people do on a daily basis and don't think twice about the blessing they have received. For some athletes, they get into a sport and everything comes so easily for them. They sign with the right team, they say all the right things, endorse the right products and wear the right things. However, for some, it is an uphill battle every day that they must claw and fight for.

Spring has sprung and new beginnings are all around. Many people say "baseball is life" and it is true. Not in the actual sense (well... Maybe for some it is) but in the regard that there are so many lessons in the game that can be reflected upon life. Don't be a spectator in life, be a player, no matter what hand you were dealt. Some will always work a little harder to achieve their goals than others and there is nothing wrong with that.


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